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Running a business is hard and at times overwhelming. That’s why we created Connecteam, so businesses can easily communicate, operate and train their deskless teams, no matter where they are.

Our mission is to help businesses thrive by taking away the daily hustle and complexities of managing teams so they can have the peace of mind to grow and run their business.

Our values drive us.

Industry Leaders

We provide an amazing product and out-of-this-world service which, combined, deliver premium quality to all our customers.

Customer Focused

We are building long-term relationships and are constantly improving our product and service to create a positive difference in our customers’ work and lives.

Promote Team Growth & Happiness

Our success comes from the shared energy, skill, and contributions of every single team member.

Ambitious and Hard Working

We believe there’s no substitute for hard work and ambition, just like our customers, we work hard to succeed.

Our values drive us.

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