A Workforce Management Tool Designed to Renovate Your Villa Construction Business

Simplify communication between ​​the project site and the office and oversee the crew’s tasks and progress, even on the go.

Cormi is trusted by the leading Villa Contractors to connect teams, control quality and streamline operations

Crafted by Builders, for Builders

Introducing Cormi – Your secret power tool for effective villa construction. Created by professionals who understand the nuances of villa construction projects, Cormi simplifies communication, task management, and data access. Remodel and rebuild your operational processes to the highest modern standards — from blueprint to reality.

Safety and Efficiency: Your Villa Construction Business Foundation

In the world of villa construction, safety and efficiency go hand in hand. Cormi empowers you to proactively address safety challenges, adhere to regulations, and ensure a secure environment for your villa crews.

Elevating Villa Safety and Efficiency.

Safety Proficiency

Utilize Cormi as your hub for training, certification management, and onboarding, ensuring your teams are up-to-date with the latest safety practices.

Efficiency Alignment

Store licenses, permits, inspection records, and compliance documents securely, accessible on-site or remotely.

Targeted Site Inspections

Set up customized checklists to ensure adherence to safety standards across villa sites.

Instant Safety Alerts

Keep your teams informed with real-time safety alerts, minimizing potential risks.

Swift Incident Management

Enable your crews to report hazards promptly via Cormi, leading to quick resolutions and future prevention.

Empower Your Crews with Timely Information, On and Off the Field

Bridge the gap between your office and villa building sites. Group your teams by project, responsibility, or specialty, and assign supervisors for seamless communication. Share crucial files and documents for an uninterrupted workflow, regardless of the crew members' whereabouts.

Elevate Villa Construction with Cormi's Toolbox

Unlock the Potential of Cormi

Precise Quality Checks

Validate work quality through digital reports and signatures for precise execution.

Effortless Resource Management

Keep track of resource usage, maintenance, and documentation effortlessly.

Streamlined Task Management

Allocate tasks, provide clear instructions, and track progress seamlessly.

Real-time Project Tracking

Transparently monitor villa projects, ensuring steady advancements.

Seamless Coordination

Foster flawless communication between your office and villa sites, ensuring efficient updates and approvals.

HR Simplification

Streamline HR processes and document management for maximum efficiency.

Team Recognition

Celebrate top achievers, gather insights, and cultivate a positive work culture.

Hear Fellow Villa Contractors Share Their Success Stories with Cormi

Hear directly from villa construction professionals who've harnessed the transformative power of Cormi.

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Omar's story with Cormi.com:

Cormi.com encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking

Omar Kanaane, a construction worker, came up with a brilliant way to make his job easier. By adding a cushioned shoulder pad inside his construction vest, he was able to make carrying heavy pieces of metal and equipment easier. This increased his productivity on the job while protecting wear-and-tear on the body.

His idea quickly went up the ranks, reaching company leadership who implemented the padded shoulder vests throughout the entire organization. Today it’s an important part of Tidhar’s essential security measures. Sometimes the answer is simple – just listen to your people to improve your KPI’s.

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