Cormi: #1 Manufacturing Personnel Management Tool

Connect the production floor workforce with the office, digitize task management and reporting, and boost overall team productivity.

Manufactured To Connect & Manage Your Manufacturing Teams

Meet Cormi, a practical tool to help you tackle everyday issues in managing your workforce. Inspired by real-world production floor experiences, Cormi improves communication, task planning, and getting important info for teams in different areas. 

Stay ahead of the competition with our all-in-one workforce management solution, designed to enhance productivity and improve collaboration across your field teams.

Revolutionize Communication and Collaboration within Your Workforce

  • Foster instant messages between teams and individual members without compromising data privacy

  • Use dedicated chat groups for specific projects or work units for focused and efficient communication

  • Easily share crucial updates and company news through personalized feeds

  • Safeguard your data while separating work messages from personal conversations

  • Safe storage of data in secured servers

  • Access control with roles and permissions settings

Effortless Compliance & Real-Time Digital Reporting

Cormi's easy-to-use features bring your work methods up to date, give you a clear view of tasks, and let you quickly find the key data you need. Say goodbye to mix-ups, miscommunication, and confused management. Welcome quick progress updates, instant communication, precise task completion tracking, and simplified compliance with policies and safety requirements.

Transform Health & Safety Oversight in Your Manufacturing Processes

  • Quickly distribute incident reports or safety checklists directly from the field in real-time

  • Implement regular audits to ensure compliance with equipment maintenance or safety guidelines

  • Utilize health and safety modules to educate employees on best practices and prevent accidents

  • Monitor milestones within operations to address gaps in safety or employee workflow improvement

A Flexible Framework To Build Your Own Ideal System

Elevate your manufacturing business using a framework designed for adaptability. With Cormi's building blocks at your disposal, you can tailor every aspect of workforce management and communication to suit the specific needs of your operation. Join us in empowering manufacturing professionals across the globe. Start now to begin optimizing your manufacturing operations!

Seamless Task Management & Operations

With Cormi's easy-to-use task management system, enjoy real-time oversight and assign tasks to individuals or workgroups:

  • Easy-to-use task management for everyone

  • Real-time project oversight and delegation

  • Clear deadlines and simple reminders

  • Keep everyone accountable and informed

  • Boost efficiency with automated workflows

  • Customize workflows to suit your needs

Boost Company Culture and Maintain Compliance

Cormi helps you give credit to your hardworking employees and keep them around for the long haul. Get new team members up and running smoothly with user-friendly training resources available on any gadget. Keep all your important industry paperwork, guidelines, and processes in one easy-to-find place. Quickly check how well your employees grasp crucial ideas with fast knowledge tests.

Hear from Our Satisfied Construction Customers

Discover real-life success stories and quotes from satisfied clients who have experienced the transformative power of Cormi.

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Omar's story with encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking

Omar Kanaane, a construction worker, came up with a brilliant way to make his job easier. By adding a cushioned shoulder pad inside his construction vest, he was able to make carrying heavy pieces of metal and equipment easier. This increased his productivity on the job while protecting wear-and-tear on the body.

His idea quickly went up the ranks, reaching company leadership who implemented the padded shoulder vests throughout the entire organization. Today it’s an important part of Tidhar’s essential security measures. Sometimes the answer is simple – just listen to your people to improve your KPI’s.

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