Cormi Digital Hub: All Project Data, Docs & Files — In Everyone's Pocket

Streamline your field operations with a digital briefcase, providing your field teams with secure and easy access to all essential information both in the office, and on the go.

Seamless Document Management at HQ & On-Site

Effortless Management and customization with a simple user-friendly interface.

Cormi's digital vault makes it effortless to store and manage all your paperwork, documents, and fioles in a secure platform accessible from any device. From contracts and operational guidelines to HR forms, policies, and training manuals, everything is stored securely in one centralized location available to everyone, from anywhere. Transform the way your team manages project data, boost productivity, efficiency, and transparency while reducing manual work and paperwork.

A Digital Briefcase To Take The Office With You Into The Field

Centralize all your company data and project documents in one safe place, always accessible to anyone, from anywhere.

  • Organize policies, procedures, manuals, and project files in one centralized location.

  • Digitize all company information, including operational forms, client contracts, HR, and training files.

  • Manage project documentation efficiently and securely across devices, and reduce manual work and paper trail.

  • Save time by providing instant access to schedules, and health and safety information.

  • Cater to the unique needs of each project with our modular building blocks.

Unmatched Accessibility, Productivity & Efficiency

Keep all your vital project data, files, and documentation safe and easily accessible to your team, anywhere, anytime.

No more searching through piles of paperwork or carrying numerous report forms in the field. Cormi's secure platform enables your team to access crucial documents from anywhere. Arm your field staff with all the essential information on demand, ensuring smooth project operations.

Digitizing company knowledge and data minimizes manual work, saves time, and streamlines processes. The Digital Vault allows swift collaboration on project documents, letting your team focus on what's truly important.

Prioritize Safety, Security & Compliance

Safety & Compliance at the Forefront Of Your Operations

  • Ensure up-to-date safety information is readily accessible to all team members.

  • Simplify reporting with incident forms that are easy to complete and submit.

  • Maintain GDPR-compliant privacy standards for secure data storage with Cormi’s encrypted protocols to protect your valuable information.

  • Stay connected with your frontline staff on construction sites or manufacturing floors.

  • Improve communication across various departments and locations.

Boost Efficiency Like Never Before

Track Progress Transparently & Save Time with Powerful Automation

With our comprehensive tracking system, you can gain clear insights into the usage of your documents, allowing you to optimize processes through the implementation of automated workflows customized for your industry needs. Experience seamless collaboration, increased productivity, and a secure framework tailored to your needs.

Accelerate Onboarding & Learning

Equip your staff with all the necessary knowledge and resources to excel right from day one.

  • Digitize your current training resources for easy access from any location.

  • Speed up onboarding processes by centralizing materials and resources.

  • Give employees easy access to learning and development content.

  • Support diversity, equity, and inclusion with access to relevant policies and resources.

Experience Cormi today to revolutionize your field operations by joining the digital future!

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Digital Briefcase
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Hear from Our Satisfied Construction Customers

Discover real-life success stories and quotes from satisfied clients who have experienced the transformative power of Cormi.

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Omar's story with encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking

Omar Kanaane, a construction worker, came up with a brilliant way to make his job easier. By adding a cushioned shoulder pad inside his construction vest, he was able to make carrying heavy pieces of metal and equipment easier. This increased his productivity on the job while protecting wear-and-tear on the body.

His idea quickly went up the ranks, reaching company leadership who implemented the padded shoulder vests throughout the entire organization. Today it’s an important part of Tidhar’s essential security measures. Sometimes the answer is simple – just listen to your people to improve your KPI’s.

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