Digital Forms & Checklists for Field Crews

Transform Your Construction Workflows with Cormi's Customizable Digital Forms & Checklists

Real-Time Actionable Insights & Communication from Onsite To the Field

Cormi enables seamless live monitoring and reporting from the construction site back to the office. Share important data with stakeholders as it happens, boosting your project management capabilities.

  • Connect the field to the office seamlessly with our digital forms and checklists & enhance real-time communication for better decision-making based on up-to-date information

  • Effortlessly manage daily operations like inspections, checklists, and guideline adherence.

  • Assign tasks to field workers, oversee progress, and maintain organized records of job allocation.

  • Utilize digital signatures for quick reporting, legal compliance, and team accountability

Build Forms & Customize Workflows To Your Specific Needs

By choosing Cormi for your Digital Forms & Checklists needs, you're investing in technology tailored specifically for field service businesses like yours.

Cormi adapts to your needs as a versatile framework, providing customizable building blocks that can suit any specific project requirement. Tailor your digital forms and checklists to match your processes seamlessly, without unnecessary complexity.

Stay Compliant with Safety Regulations

Cormi's digital forms enable you to maintain up-to-date safety records necessary for compliance within the construction industry. 

Easily customize forms from daily checklists to industry guidelines and local regulations to suit your specific requirements while ensuring all information is accurate and up to date.

  • Safety Protocols and Training

    Provide field service crews with access to safety protocols, training materials, and certification tracking through Cormi's platform for compliance with industry standards

  • Real-Time Compliance Checks

    Enable technicians to perform on-site safety checks, report hazards, and document compliance measures in real time for a safe working environment.

  • Asset Maintenance Tracking

    Maintain a comprehensive record of asset maintenance history, inspections, and warranties to ensure compliance and prevent costly equipment failures.

Go Paperless To Reduce Errors & Save Costs

Cormi helps you cut costs on lost information, inefficient resource allocation, and miscommunication. Go paperless and Improve team efficiency, reduce storage space, and save time on manual paperwork. 

Maximize cost efficiency by reducing errors and miscommunication. Monitor task completion from the field with live updates about resource allocation and coordinate in real time between your office and job sites


Cormi's digital forms and checklists streamline your construction workflows by eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork.

Simplify daily tasks with our intuitive interface that makes filling in forms and checklists on the go a breeze.

Quickly access, fill out, and submit crucial forms like inspections, reports, and safety guidelines right from your mobile device.

Gain More Control & Transparency

With Cormi's task management capabilities, effortlessly assign tasks to your field workers while keeping track of their progress in real-time. Have a clear overview of all task statuses, ensuring complete accountability and compliance across your construction projects.

Gain comprehensive oversight of your team's work while promoting a culture of accountability throughout the company. Increase productivity, maintain compliance, and improve the overall safety of your operations with our Digital Forms & Checklists solution tailored for field crews.

Hear from Our Satisfied Construction Customers

Discover real-life success stories and quotes from satisfied clients who have experienced the transformative power of Cormi.

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Impressively streamlined our operations saving time and resources

Randy S. Stevens

Omar's story with encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking

Omar Kanaane, a construction worker, came up with a brilliant way to make his job easier. By adding a cushioned shoulder pad inside his construction vest, he was able to make carrying heavy pieces of metal and equipment easier. This increased his productivity on the job while protecting wear-and-tear on the body.

His idea quickly went up the ranks, reaching company leadership who implemented the padded shoulder vests throughout the entire organization. Today it’s an important part of Tidhar’s essential security measures. Sometimes the answer is simple – just listen to your people to improve your KPI’s.

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